A component-oriented framework for creating highly scalable web applications in Java.


Tapestry pages and components are simple Java POJOs, with easy access to all Java language features and the vast Java ecosystem. Thanks to Java's advanced concurrency API, Tapestry handles requests fast without sacrificing security or stability.


Tapestry features 云帆下载永久免费: change your Java code, refresh the browser and see the changes... instantly! Have your cake and eat it too: the speed and depth of Java, the agile development style of Ruby or Python.


 Simple POJO classes, streamlined templates, live class reloading, state-of-the-art exception reporting, first-class Ajax support, and a big library of built-in components: Tapestry is designed from the ground up to give you great productivity.

We think you will love Tapestry! Give us 20 minutes and follow our quickstart guide.


Pure Java and Polyglot

Written in pure Java: code your pages and components in Java, Groovy or Scala.

Highly Productive

Live class reloading means that the time between seeing an error and providing the fix is seconds, not minutes.

Advanced Exception Reporting

Gives you all the tools you need to fix your problem: not just a stack trace, but details about what Tapestry was doing and why, what went wrong, and how to fix it.


Pure Java; no reflection, not even for property expressions. Built to cleanly support large numbers of concurrent threads without contention. Integrated GZip content compression, JavaScript aggregation and compression, and client-side caching.


Dependency injection and meta-programming through annotations and naming conventions.


Scales up big on a single server, and works great in a cluster. Keeps session state minimal by design.


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Adaptable and Modular

Architecture is open and extensible. There's a clean way to add your own extensions, or override built-in logic. Provides integration with Hibernate, JPA and Spring. Third-party integrations with other tools, such as Quartz and Lucene.


More on Tapestry philosophy - Who uses Tapestry ?

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Tapestry 5.5.0 released
Tapestry 5.5.0 is the new major release. To upgrade, just update the dependency in your build configuration (Maven POM, Gradle build script, etc.) – or Download the new JAR file -- and the new version should just work. The main new features are: Support for Java 12 bytecode. Support for on-the-fly TypeScript compilation in the tapestry-webresources module.  Ability to use Twitter Bootstrap 3 out-of-the-box (default and same version provided by Tapestry 5.4),…
Tapestry 5.4.5 released
Tapestry 5.4.5 is a drop-in replacement for Tapestry 5.4 releases. To upgrade, just update the dependency in your build configuration (Maven POM, Gradle build script, etc.) – or Download the new JAR file -- and the new version will just work. However, please review the How to Upgrade instructions before upgrading. This is a recommended upgrade due to including security improvements. Check 5.4.5 release notes http://cvlyj.batamdev.com/release-notes-545.html for all the details.
Tapestry 5.4.2
We have created another release in the 5.4.x series. This should be a drop-in replacement for 5.4.x. Release Notes

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